Speech Language Sciences


The department of speech Language sciences is committed to achieve high quality standards through continual improvement in human resource development, Multidisciplinary research, clinical services and public education.

Aims and objectives

  • To pursue basic research in speech and language sciences
  • To generate trained human resources to carry out clinical and research activities in speech and language sciences.
  • To establish uniform guidelines, procedures, protocols for measurement of speech and language parameters.
  • To promote collaborative network for research with recognized national and/or international universities and research institutions of higher centers of learning in fields relevant to objectives of the department.
  • To disseminate information on aspects relevant to speech and language sciences to the scientific community through publications.

Faculty Members / Staff

Photo Name
Dr. K. Yeshoda
Associate Professor in Speech Sciences and HOD
Ph Off : 2255
Email: kyeshoda@aiishmysore.in
Dr. T. Jayakumar
Associate Professor in Speech Sciences
Ph Off : 2253
Email: jayakumar@aiishmysore.in
Dr. N. Sreedevi
Professor of Speech Sciences
Ph Off : 2252
Email: nsreedevi@aiishmysore.in
Dr Santosh M
Professor in Speech Sciences
Ph Off : 2523
Email: santoshm@aiishmysore.in
Dr. R. Rajasudhakar
Associate Professor in Speech Sciences
Ph Off : 2724
Email: rajasudhakar@aiishmysore.in
Dr. N. Hema
Assistant Professor in Speech Sciences
Ph Off : 2254
Email: hema@aiishmysore.in
Mr. Reuben Thomas Varghese
Scientist - B
Ph Off : 2533
Email: reuben@aiishmysore.in
Ms. Sahana V
SLP Grade II
Ph Off : 2251
Email: sahanaa.venugopa@gmail.com
Dr. Irfana M
Assistant Professor in Speech Sciences
Email: irfana@aiishmysore.in
Ms. Sindhusha Chandran
Assistant Professor in Speech Sciences
Email: sindhushac@aiishmysore.in


The department of Speech-Language Sciences has multifaceted activities including development of manpower resources at the Diploma, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral level, conducting institutional and collaborative research, offering clinical services to persons with communication disorders, guiding students in their clinical program and disseminating information and resources to other professionals. The vision of the department is to serve the diversified population of India with a thorough understanding of the speech and language mechanisms and its functions. With the advancement in the field of speech and language sciences, the task force in the department is geared towards offering the best possible technical know-how and research-based evidences for training and clinical programs. In addition, the aim of the department is to facilitate better understanding of the disorders of speech and language in children and adults from different socio-cultural and linguistic population of India.

1. Teaching and training

  • Diploma courses
  • B.ASLP
  • M. Sc (Speech-Language Pathology)
  • M. Sc (Audiology)
  • Doctoral & Post-Doctoral level
  • Short-term training courses
  • Certificate courses

2. Clinical services

  • Diagnostics & Rehabilitation
  • Professional voice care
  • Prevention of communication disorders

3. Research

  • Extramural Projects
  • Projects funded by AIISH Research Fund
  • Guidance to doctoral and post-doctoral candidates for doctoral thesis
  • Guidance to Masters' students for dissertation

4. Public education

  • Orientation programs on communication disorders
  • Developing public education pamphlets
  • Television/Radio talk

5. Infrastructural Facilities with state-of-the-art equipment / software

Laboratories for

  • Speech Sciences
  • Language Sciences
  • Professional Voice Care
  • Speech/Speaker Identification
  • Speech Physiology
  • Neurophysiology
  • Phonology
  • Fluency & Prosody





Resources and infrastructure