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Naimisham Campus

Naimisham Campus The All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Naimisham campus, Mysuru is a unique institute in the Asian sub-continent which houses eleven departments having state-of-the-art facilities to offer inter-disciplinary research and training to the students, Ladies hostel, Administrative, Academic, Clinical buildings and the Knowledge park along with a well equipped Centre of Excellence Building and Library and Information Centre.


Panchavati Campus

Panchavati CampusThe Panchavati campus accommodates Boys students hostel, Gym, International guest house, Patients accommodation facility, Foot ball court, Volley ball court and  AIISH Gymkhana


Varuna Campus


AIISH Kanpur

AIISH KANPUR: Setting up of AIISH off campus centre at Surar Village, Kanpur District, U.P

▪ Project Management and Consultants: National Projects Construction Corporation- NPCC: A Government of India Enterprise

▪ Status of the work : Expenditure sanction and Administrative Approval awaited

AIISH Museum

Construction of Museum at Main Campus

▪ Work undertaken by Hindustan Steelworks Construction Limited - HSCL Under the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs

▪ Status of the work : Work nearing completion

Patient Accommodation at Panchavati Campus

▪ Design and Project Management Consultants : National Projects Construction - -Corporation- NPCC

Model Preschool at Varuna Campus

• Description of the work : Construction of model preschool building at Varuna Campus of the Institute and execution of necessary works such as development of allotted land viz., roads, surface/storm water drains, construction of underground sump & overhead tank

• Status of the work : Planning Stage

AIISH Agartala

Status : Government of Tripura has allocated the required land for construction. The land needs to be inspected and approved by the ministry


➢ENT building terrace water proofing work

➢Converting ENT building to Ladies hostel: Toilet renovation & providing additional bathrooms

➢Internal painting (partial) to Old ENT building (Ladies Hostel) 

➢Painting to external walls (North & west ) of old administrative block

➢Sinking of two bore wells at Varuna Campus

➢Providing RO drinking water connection to knowledge park building and JC block Audiology building

➢Public Comfort Station


❖Repairs & renovation of SLP & SLS building toilets and duct portion.

❖Diversions of Library block UGD line & repair of existing manhole & sanitary line at Main Campus.

❖Conversion of D-6 Quarters to Day care center

❖Providing internal & external painting and flooring repair work of Academic block

❖Construction of new Annex toilet to old Ladies hostel block at Main Campus, Campus, Mysore.

❖Repair works to Ladies hostel at AIISH main campus

❖Repair works to main pump house at AIISH main campus

❖Providing painting to first and second floors of Clinical services building at AIISH.


❑Construction of additional block for Ladies hostel and Rooms on the 2nd floor roof of Bodhi Gents Hostel, Panchavati Campus, Mysore

❑Safety chain-link fencing to volleyball court in Panchavati campus

❑Renovation of bathroom & toilets at Gents hostel North west side block, AIISH Panchavati Campus, Mysore.

❑Conversion of Room No 11 into mini Seminar hall at Knowledge Park building.

❑Providing concrete platform to garbage area at North-east corner of the main campus


o Providing Acoustic treatment for Centre of Hearing Sciences labs at 3rd floor, COE building

Dr. Ajish K. Abraham 

Dean (Infrastructure, Planning & Support) 

Phone Office : 2502001