Clinical Psychology


Established in the year 1966-67, the department is one of the oldest departments in the institute.

 It is well documented that persons with Communication Disorders exhibit problems in psychosocial dimensions. This can manifest as either cause, associated problems or as the consequence of their primary communication problems. The problems with psychosocial dimensions can be ameliorated only through psychotherapeutic intervention and rehabilitation. Admittedly, the activities of the department are aimed to achieve high quality standards through continual improvement in Clinical Services, Public Education, Human Resource Development, and Research


  • To extend diagnostic and therapeutic services to persons affected by speech, hearing, language, communication/neurodevelopmental disorders and thereby optimizing their quality of lives.
  • Address emotional disturbances, alter maladaptive behaviour patterns, and promote personality growth and development in individuals with communication issues, neurodevelopmental disorders and their families.
  • To impart professional training, generate quality man power at Graduate and Post-graduate levels in the field of communication disorders.
  • To carryout applied/ Implementation cross-disciplinary research with an emphasis on the psychosocial dimensions of human speech, hearing, language and communication behaviour/neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • To conduct and participate in public education activities that create awareness about the psychosocial aspects involved in the prevention, identification and management of communication disorders.

Faculty Members / Staff

Photo Name
Dr. Rushi
Professor & Head
Ph Off : 2502142
Mr. Freddy Antony
Assistant Professor
Ph Off : 2502144
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
Clinical Psychologist
Ph Off : 2502146
Mr. Raju.H.H
Clinical Assistant
Ph Off : 2502143
Dr. Purusothama P
Research Assistant
Ph Off : 2502143
Dr. Yashodhara Kumar G.Y
Clinical Psychologist Grade-II
Ph Off : 2502146
Ms. Simran Soni
Clinical Psychologist Grade-II
Ph Off : 2502147
Mr. Akash V S
Cognitive Psychologist
Ph Off : 0821 2502147
Ms. Shruthi P S
Clinical Psychologist Gr-II
Ph Off : 2502145



The department is involved in offering clinical services, human resource development, conducting research, training, and public education.