Research Centers

Research Centres at COE

Name of the Centre



Centre for Speech and Language Sciences

To conduct clinical research on :-

  • Characteristics of voice source
  • Normal aspect of voice/fluency/ language and its disorders
  • Evaluation of voice/ fluency /language and its disorders
  • Management of voice/ fluency /language disorders
  • Developing evidence-based therapy protocols

Dr. Santosh M

Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC) & Sign Language

To conduct research on:-

  • Developing AAC assessment protocols in different Indian languages for children, adults and geriatrics
  • Design and development of AAC systems/devices/software to suit the needs of individuals with complex communication needs requiring AAC.
  • Indian Signal Language (ISL) attributes in persons with hearing impairment who are ISL users.
Dr. Ajish K. Abraham

Centre for Hearing Sciences

To conduct research on –

  • Processing of the speech and non-speech sounds at various levels in auditory pathways.
  • Cochlear implants and other implantable devices

Dr. Ajith Kumar U

Centre for Prevention of Communication disorders & Epidemiological Research & Cognitive Behavioral Science in Communication Disorder

To conduct clinical research on :-

  • Incidence, prevalence data on speech, language and hearing impairment, and multiple impairment leading to communication disorders.
  • Cognitive behavioral sciences and disorders
  • Building a knowledge store and information cache on any or all matters related to human cognition and behavior.
  • Periodically developing specialist or dedicated team of human capital / resources in the field of cognitive- behavioral sciences and disorders.
Dr. Sandeep M

Centre for Rehabilitation engineering, Acoustics and bio-medical engineering (CRAB)

To conduct clinical research on :-

  • Design & Development of Assistive Technology (AT) devices / augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices (tailor made for persons with communication disorders.
  • Support system for users of AT/AAC disorders
  • Design and development of instruments and gadgets for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
  • Linking Informatics and Speech Technology for speech-based work on human computer interface.
Dr. Ajish K. Abraham