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AIISH has its Public Education wing called the Centre for Public Education on Communication Disorders (C-PECD) under the Centre of Excellence (COE), which was initiated in 2023.


To establish a vibrant center for public education on communication disorders at the Centre of Excellence (COE), AIISH, through various public awareness activities


To strive for excellence in creating awareness among the general   public on the identification, prevention, and rehabilitation of   communication disorders through different mediums


To conduct public awareness programs and develop training materials for public education in the field of speech, language, and hearing through audio/ video modes, talks, and e-learning



  • Conducting AIISH Arogya Vani Series (AAV)

AIISH Arogya Vani is an orientation program conducted to create awareness among the general public on various communication disorders and to shed light on the prevention and early identification of communication disorders such as hearing impairment, speech problems, stammering, autism, learning disabilities, voice problems, etc. in both children and adults. This will help connect the stakeholders with speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Important objective of AAV Program is to orient the public about  the services offered at AIISH and the academic courses offered. After completing their 12th grade. Most of the time, students consider only medical and engineering for their future professions. These academic programs are meant for students after completing 12th grade. Most of the time, students consider only medical and engineering as their future professions. Speech and Hearing courses also have great physical demand and good job opportunities within the country and globally. In addition, this initiative strives to boost awareness of RPWD, facilities, and benefits provided by the National Health Programs.
  The target population for AIISH Arogya Vani(AAV) includes:.
> Students of various disciplines, i.e., Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Medico Social Workers, Medical Record Keeping, etc.
> Medical fraternity, including medical practitioners, consultants, and nursing staff
> Policymakers
> School teachers
> General public

  • Spreading awareness of communication disorders through different social media platforms, the Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram page "AIISH Mysuru," and through club house activities. Video talks by expert faculty about various communication disorders are uploaded on different social media platforms. The video covers the causes, characteristics, and management options available for various communication disorders.
  • Conducting Live Phone-In Programs

This contributes to increasing awareness of communication disorders among the general public. The prevention of various communication disorders is done through these programs. During this, the general public can participate actively and clarify their queries regarding communication disorders with the experts.
Live Phone-In Programs of dates AIISH are publicized through our social media page, “AIISH MYSURU,” and through some of the local newspapers

  • Developing Public Education Materials 

 It is aimed at developing public education materials on various communication disorders in English and in different Indian languages.  

  • Organizing Radio Manasa talks and All India Radio talks

       Radio Manasa is coordinated by the University of Mysore. Faculty talks on different communication disorders will be recorded and broadcast on the University Campus for the benefit of the students and general public.
       All India Radio (AIR) Mysuru also broadcast talks by faculty on various communication disorders and the success stories of clients with communication disorders after their successful rehabilitation at AIISH


Dr. N. Sreedevi
Professor of Speech Sciences, Department of Speech Language Sciences
Chairperson, C-PECD
E-mail: sreedevi@aiishmysore.in
Ph Off: 2855
Mrs. Manasa A. S.
Assistant Professor in Speech Pathology
Ph Off : -------------
Email: manasa.as@aiishmysore.in
Ms. Deepika K
Audiologist/Speech Language Pathologist Gr II
E-mail: k.deepika@aiishmysore.in 
Ph Off:2854




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