Internship and Placement cell

The students pursuing a bachelor degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (B.ASLP) undergo 10 months of extensive clinical training during 4th (final) year of the course. During the internship year, 5 months of training is imparted at various departments of AIISH where as the remaining 5 months of training is carried out at centres of the students choice from a list of contracted centres across various states of the country.

The objectives of Internship are to:

  1. Facilitate the transition of training from supervised to independent responsibility.
  2. Provide additional inputs to attain and maintain competence in clinical management of persons with communication disorders.
  3. Train the students to initiate group and individual action focusing on prevention/early identification and intervention of individuals with speech, hearing, and language disorders at the level of individual, family and community.
  4. Facilitate the understanding of professional responsibilities and ethical practices including
  1. Right and dignity of patients
  2. Consultation and referral to other professionals
  3. Conduct and professional obligations to peers/patients/families and the community at large.

To fulfil the above objectives, the students are posted at various centres under National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness (NPPCD). In addition, the students also get the opportunity to choose posting centres from among various off campus centres of AIISH such as Diploma program in Hearing Language and Speech (DHLS), outreach centres (OSC) and the Newborn Hearing Screening (NBS) centres across the country.

Nature of service rendered by the students of Internship program

The internship students provide clinical services to the clients with various communication disorders under the guidance of staff from the respective centres/ district hospitals. Interns are also involved in public education on prevention and early identification of communication disorders, including newborn screening for early identification of hearing impairment.

Students posted at the various DHLS centres of the institute also provide clinical and academic assistance to the enrolled students of DHLS training program. At AIISH, the internship students are posted in the Department of Audiology, Clinical services, Prevention of Communication Disorders (POCD) and various special clinics where they render diagnostic and rehabilitative services to individuals with communication disorders. Their posting in various special clinics is intended at focused skill development in the specialized areas of assessment and management of clients with specific communication disorders. The students are also involved in extension services, such as, screening of school children for communication disorders. In addition, students also attend various camps organized by the institute for screening general public for incidence/ prevalence of communication disorders at specific places.

Internship Students from various other Institutions and Short-term training:

Internship Cell also coordinates with other institute regarding the internship of their BASLP students at AIISH. Additionally the cell is also responsible for coordinating short term-training/observation/internship of students studying various other courses at other institutes who are posted at AIISH. The students studying courses such as Diploma in Hearing Aid and Ear Mould Technology (DHA & ET), M.Sc. Psychology, Masters in Social Work, PG in Otorhinolaryngology, Engineering etc. are posted at various departments at AIISH for short-term training.

  • A request letter stating the name, course details and the dates and duration of internship should be sent form the head of the institution/head of the department to the Director, AIISH, Mysuru to the mail ID at least four weeks prior to the start of the internship. It is mandatory to mention the contact details including email ID and phone number of the coordinator.
  • Once the request is received from other institutions, the same is informed to the concerned department and their consent is taken. Further, the approval from Director is obtained about postings at particular departments. If the internship is approved, an approval letter along with the schedule is sent to the respective institute.
  • The trainees must carry their college ID cards during their posting at AIISH. Also trainees must carry a copy of the approval letter failing which the candidate may be refused the start of his/her internship at AIISH or marked absent on that day in case the posting was already initiated.
  • The training fee for the entire duration of the training has to be paid after joining.
  • On the last day of the postings, fee payment receipt and attendance certificate from the training department needs to be submitted to the Internship Cell. After submission, the internship certificate is issued to each candidate within 7 days of completing his/her postings.

For any other queries, the candidates/parent institute should send an email to


 The Placement Cell was initiated with the aim of conveying employment opportunities for students pursuing various diploma and degree level courses at the institute. There are ample opportunities at various institutes, organizations, private clinics, and hospitals inside and outside the country who are in search of quality manpower in the field of speech, language and hearing. The cell acts as a liaison between the final year student trainees and the prospective employers. Hence, the students and professionals are encouraged to make the best use of the facilities and services.


After due approval of the Director, the Placement Cell communicates regarding the job opportunities in India and abroad to diploma holders, graduates, post graduates and Ph.D holders in the area of Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Special Education. The cell also communicates the prospective employers to seek information regarding vacancies and to utilize the services of Placement Cell to recruit.

  • All communications/job notifications received by the Director, AIISH are advertised at the Placement Cell through email.
  • Communication is established with organizations/ centres for gathering information regarding job vacancies.
  • On receiving a job vacancy notification, the passed out students who fulfill the criteria are informed about the prospects and details provided by the employees.


The Placement Cell organizes a Career Guidance Program for M.Sc Audiology and M.Sc Speech Language Pathology students. The students are oriented regarding the current trends of placement opportunities. Topics of high interest are usually taken for career guidance program such as:

  • Preparation for higher studies such as Ph.D in India and Abroad: Competetive exams such as GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc.
  • Practicing as Audiologist and SLP: Current Job Scenario in India and Abroad.
  • Audiologist’s and SLP’s roles and responsibilities: An overview into essentials in Hospital and Corporate sectors


Placement Cell organizes a Campus Recruitment Drive annually during the month of December/January. Students from M.Sc Audiology, M.Sc Speech Language Pathology, and final B.ASLP (Internship) attend the campus recruitment. Various companies, private practitioners, and institutes take part in the recruitment process. The rules and regulations of the Campus Recruitment Drive are as follows:

  • To be a member of the Placement Cell, one should register to the cell by submitting Placement Cell Enrolment Form (hard copy and a Google sheet) in the prescribed format given by the Placement Cell of AIISH. Only the members registered are eligible to participate in the placement activities.
  • The students enrolled in the Placement Cell are provided with details of recruiters available for the academic year.
  • The students are asked to fill a form of willingness to attend the campus recruitment.
  • The eligibility criteria imposed by the visiting recruiter is the final. Placement Cell does not play any role in changing/modifying the criteria.
  • The Placement Cell enrolled member can attend campus recruitment for two years after their bond period; however, this is not mandatory. If a candidate is willing to continue in  current job, he/she may do so.
  • Recruiters need to send a request for participating in the Campus Recruitment Drive. The request can be sent to or to
  • Recruiters must send the selected list of candidates and their posting locations to the Placement Cell after the completion of the recruitment process.

For any other queries, an email can be sent to

Placement Cell Employer Format

For more details, please contact:

Dr. Niraj Kumar Singh
Co-ordinator-Internship and Placement Cell
Associate Professor in Audiology
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Contact no.: 0821-2502582

Dr. Vikas M D
Member-Internship and Placement Cell
Audiologist Gr II
Department of Audiology
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