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➢ Providing Acoustic treatment for Centre of Hearing Sciences labs at 3rd floor, COE building

➢ Providing centralized medical records room in DCS, AIISH main campus, Mysore

➢ Providing cubicle space for Department of Audiology at AIISH Naimisham campus.

➢ Providing structural glazing to big window openings of PL section, new admin building and providing shutter glass door to the COE main entrance door (South) AIISH,       Mysore.

➢ Development of lawn adjacent to Clinical Services building.

➢ Providing external plastering, chejja repair and flagging concrete work to D-type staff quarters (D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5).

➢ Construction of new Annex toilet to old Ladies hostel block at Main Campus, Campus, Mysore.

➢ Conversion of Room No 11 into mini Seminar hall at Knowledge Park building.

➢ Conversion of D-6 Quarters to Day care center

➢ Conversion of old toilet block into rooms (North side) of Ladies Hostel.

➢ Providing external plastering, chejja repair & flagging concrete work to D-type staff quarters (D1 to D5)

➢ Renovation of bathroom & toilets at Gents hostel North west side block, AIISH Panchavati Campus, Mysore.

Painting to first and second floors of Clinical services building at AIISH

➢ Painting to Ashoka guest house at Panchavati campus & guest house at main campus

➢ Providing internal & external painting and flooring repair work of Academic block

➢ Converting ENT building to Ladies hostel annex: Toilet renovation & providing additional bathrooms

     Public Comfort Station

➢ Repairs & renovation of SLP & SLS building toilets and duct portion.

➢ Diversions of Library block UGD line & repair of existing manhole & sanitary line at Main Campus.

➢ Specially abled toilet renovation in Special Education Department building

➢ Providing gal volume sheet roofing to U-SAFE portion of building in Special Education building


❖ Renovation of Electronics Department

❖ Chejja repair & painting to T2 and T3 staff quarters

❖ Painting crack filling & external wall water proofing work to Purchase Section, 2nd floor, Admin building


❑ Construction of additional block for Ladies hostel and Rooms on the 2nd floor roof of Bodhi Gents Hostel, Panchavati Campus, Mysore

❑ New entrance along with double road from the south side of the main campus

❑ Providing external wall composite water proofing (West & North face) and enamel painting to windows (phase I) to DCS building

❑ Renovation of toilets of Library building

❑ Renovation of Gents hostel toilet – Phase II

❑ Renovation of toilets in Ground & First Floors of SLP & SLS building