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Does your child have PRONOUNCIATION PROBLEM??
Speech problems after stroke??? It might be APHASIA !!!
St… St… Stammering????
Have you heard about AUTISM ???
LARYNGECTOMY Voice after the cancer of Larynx!!!
CLEFT LIP AND PALATE Every SMILE has a strong story!!!
Don’t forget about DEMENTIA!!!
Having problem with your VOICE??? Know more about it…
Your child scoring poor marks??? Check for LEARNING DISABILITY!!!
Feeding tips for care givers of child with CLEFT LIP AND PALATE
Do you know what is Dysarthria???
FAQs on Hearing Loss
Product Development Cell - Public Education Materials - English
Adjusting to amplification
Assistive Listening Devices
Better Communicaion
Body Level Hearing Aid Care
Dept. of Special Education
Terms and Conditions for Admission in Special Education
Terms and Conditions for IEP anf CSS
Libo Toy
Caring for Hearing Aids Do's and Dont's
Child With Hearing Impairment in Class Room
Facts About Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids
Getting to know Your Hearing Aid
Know Your Digital Hearing Aid
An Overview to Auditory Training
For The Person Using A Hearing Aid
Prevention of Deafness
Correcting The Simple Problems of BTE Hearing Aids
Sudden Hearing Loss Is A Medical Emergency
Services For Children With Special Needs
Cochlear Implantation Service By Dept. Of Audiology
Learning Disability
Some Tips For Families With Persons Using Aids
Beware Of Noise
Prevention Of Hearing Impairment
Tips For Better Use Of Ear Molds
Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder
What is Aphasia?
Articulation Disorder
Does Your Child have Autism?
How to Prevent Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate?
Feeding Tips to Mothers
Fluency and Disorders
Learning Disability
FAQs on Noice Induced Hearing Loss
FAQs on Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Elderly screening
NBS Screening
Industrial Screening
ABC’s of Communication Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Newborn Hearing Screening
Hearing Loss
How to prevent ear discharge
High Risk Register for Medical Persons
High Risk Register for Non-Medical Persons
Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Prevention of Speech and Language Disorder - Test yourself
Remember and Care Checklist
Tips to Prevent Communication Disorders in Infants
FAQs on voice disorders
FAQs on Stuttering
FAQs on Aphasia
FAQs on LD
Hearing aid tools and accessories
RITE Repair Guidelines
Managing problem behaviours in children with communication disorders
FAQ's on Hearing Loss
Tips for better ear moulds
RITE hearing aid Repair Guidelines
prevention hearing impairment
An Overview of Auditory Training