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An office of the Dean (Research and Development), AIISH, has been nominated by the  competent authorities for a period of three years, following approval in the Executive  Council Meeting held on 22.7.2020 through virtual mode under the Chairpersonship of  Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, vide agenda  number 57.6© as intimated through vide Director’s OM SH/Dir/57th EC/2020-21; Dated:  5th October, 2020. The office of Dean (Research and Development) is expected to serve as the hub for coordination and management of all research related events or happenings in the institute including archiving, regulating, record keeping, routing, and reporting.  In doing so, the safety, security, integrity, fairness, conflict of interests, and promotion of quality research is to be kept uppermost by the office.

Research & Development at AIISH:
To promote and conduct need based original research is one of the major objectives of the institute. It is ensured that the research activities carried out in different departments of the institute follows ethics and quality. AIISH encourages inter-departmental and inter-institutional collaborative research.
The faculty members of AIISH are always at the forefront for research publications in high impact peer reviewed journals and also in receiving grants from funding agencies, both national and international. The institute has its own source for funding research, i.e., AIISH Research funds (ARF) to encourage multidisciplinary research in the area of hearing, speech and language. In addition, the researchers mobilize funds by way of projects from governmental and non-governmental agencies to carry out extramural research. The students are encouraged to carry out research under the guidance of staff/ faculty members.
There are several labs, with state-of-the-art equipment, established to carry out both basic and applied research in the area of communication disorders. The faculty members are registered as guides for Ph.D. programme by the University of Mysore.
There is a dedicated AIISH Research Evaluation Committee (AREC) that monitors and promotes research works. Further, AIISH also has an institutional ethics committee for Bio-Behavioral Research. Further, to oversee the research projects, intramural and extramural, there is a dedicated Research Coordination Section which is closely monitored  by a coordinator and Dean (Research & Development).
The institute ensures that workshops/seminars and guest lectures are conducted by eminent researchers to boost the motivation of the faculty members, to create inquisitiveness in the young minds and trends in current research.