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Initiation of alumni Association


As there was no AIISH Alumni Association till date, the Director, AIISH along with the team working at AIISH (Dr. M. Pushpavathi as Convenor) conducted the 1st AIISH Alumni meet on 25th January 2010. This meeting was attended by 144 alumni representing the 1st batch of 1966 till the recent batches of 2009. They had come from all over Indian and from USA, Australia, and UK. Seven alumni from USA, one each from UK and India interacted through web interaction.

During the formal inauguration held between 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm, Dr. C.K.N. Raja, Director, NIE Governing Council and Sri. Krishna Vattam, senior journalist served as the Chief Guests. Both of them reminisced about the changes they have observed in the institute over the years, and about the former directors and staff of the institute. Dr. Vijayalakshmi Basavaraj, Director, AIISH, in her presidential speech briefed about the objectives of the 1st Alumni meet and about the draft Bye-laws & Rules & Regulation of AIISH Alumni Association which had been prepared. She also mentioned that the draft byelaws suggested installing an ad-hoc committee to register the All India Institute of Speech & Hearing Alumni Association. The constitution of the committee that was suggested is as follows:
  • President - the Director of AIISH (if an alumni of AIISH) / the senior most faculty who is an alumnus of AIISH, if the Director is not an alumni of AIISH.
  • Secretary - an alumnus working at AIISH
  • External Secretary - an alumnus not working at AIISH
  • Treasurer - an alumnus working at AIISH
  • Members - 1 alumnus working at AIISH and 4 alumni not working at AIISH

The above suggestions of Dr. Vijayalakshmi Basavaraj were unanimously approved. Hence, the Director nominated Dr. Asha Yathiraj to serve as the founder Internal Secretary and Dr. M. Pushpavathi as the founder Treasurer. The remaining members volunteer to serve on the committee.
The list of the office bearers of AAA after Dr. M. Pushpavathi takes over as the Director of All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysuru,
  • Dr. M. Pushpavathi – President – AAA
  • Dr. K. Yeshoda – Executive Secretary
  • Ms. Asha, G. G. – Honorary Secretary
  • Dr. T. Jayakumar – Treasurer
  • Dr. Jijo, M. – EC Member (not working at AIISH)
  • Ms. Bhashpa, P. U. – EC Member (not working at AIISH)
  • Dr. Balaji Ranganathan – EC Member (not working at AIISH)
  • Ms. Deepa Anand – EC Member

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