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AIISH Aawaaz
AIISH Aawaaz is an inter-collegiate cultural festival, which is a platform for college students to showcase their cultural talents. The competitions include half-an-hour variety program, painting, drawing, vegetable carving, fashion show, quiz, ek-minute and skit. The cultural and fine arts events the festival witnessed intense competitions among students from all the colleges of Mysore. AIISH Aawaaz is conducted in the month of January every year.

Talents Day
This is a cultural festival for children of the members of AIISH Gymkhana to display their cultural talents. This program is organized once in every year.

Gymkhana Library
This library is housed in the Gymkhana building itself. A total of 12 popular magazines are subscribed.

Prathibha Puraskar 
Under this program the children of staff members are given cash awards for their academic excellence every year.

Students Welfare Fund
This fund is launched to help students to meet their educational and medical needs. A fund was started with proceeds from AIISH Aawaaz and an initial contribution from the AIISH Gymkhana. Many students were helped to meet their medical and educational needs during the year. Students who receive educational aid are required to pay back the amount after they are employed. Repayment of medical aid received is only an option under the scheme.
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