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Department of Speech Language Pathology

  Faculty Name Areas of Interest
Dr. S. P. Goswami Dr. S. P. Goswami
Professor in Speech Pathology  & HOD
Ph: 2502320
Aphasia, Adult Language Disorders, Bilingualism, Cognition, Organization and Planning, Issues in disability.
Dr. Swapna N Dr. Swapna N
Associate Professor in Speech Pathology
Ph Off : 2502263
Motor speech disorders,Swallowing and Dysphagia, Fluency and its disorders
Ms. Jayashri C. Shanbal Dr. Jayashri C. Shanbal
Associate Professor in Language Pathology
Ph: 2502270
Child Language Disorders (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Autism, Mental Retardation), Neurogenic Adult Language Disorders (Aphasia and Dementia), Early literacy, Bilingualism/Multilingualism & Literacy.
Mr. Brajesh Priyadarshi Dr. Brajesh Priyadarshi
Associate Professor in Linguistics
Ph: 2502269
Clinical Linguistics and Psycho Linguistics
Ms. M.S.Vasanthalakshmi Dr. M.S. Vasanthalakshmi
Associate Professor in Biostatistics
Ph: 2502265
Dr. Anjana B Ram Dr. Anjana B Ram
Assistant Professor  in Speech Pathology
Ph. 2502535
Fluency Disorders
Contract Staff
Ms. Yashomathi Ms. Yashomathi
Lecturer in Speech Pathology 
Ph: 2502273
Augmentative Alternative Communication, Motor Speech Disorders, Neurogenic Communication Disorders.
Mr. Srinivasa R
Lecturer in Biostatistics
Biostatistics, Demography and Vital statistics.
Ms. Srushti Shabnam
Lecturer in Speech Pathology
Email- simpleshabnam@gmail.com
Voice and its Disorders, Motor Speech Disorder, Child Language Disorder.
Mrs. Nagashreeya D.
Lecturer in Language Pathology
Email- nagashreya94@gmail.com
Adult Language Disorders, Acoustic Phonetics and Dysphagia.
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