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e-Mail: director@aiishmysore.in
Phone Numbers: 91-0821 2502000 91-0821 2502100
Fax Numbers: 91- 0821 - 2510515



Prof. M. Pushpavathi
All India Institute of Speech & Hearing
Mysore 570 006
Office : 2502102
Residence : 2515583
FAX Number : 2510515
e-mail: director@aiishmysore.in

Vigilance Officer
Dr. Manjula P
Professor of Audiology
Ph Off : 2502183
e-mail: manjulap21@hotmail.com

CPIO (Right to information act)
Dr. Sreeraj K
Assistant Professor in Audiology
Ph Off : 2502579
e-mail : sreeraj.aslp@gmail.com

Anti-Ragging Policy & Committee
Dr. Ajith Kumar U
Academic Coordinator
Phone (Off): 2502181

Technical Matters
Shri. N. Manohar    
Reader and HOD, Electronics    

Phone (O): - 2502200
e-mail : manu@aiishmysore.in

Transparency Officer
Dr. C. Shijith Kumar
Library and Information Officer, Library and Information Centre
Phone (O): 91-0821-2502150
e-mail: lio@aiishmysore.in

Staff Grievance Officer
Dr. S.P. Goswami
Professor of Speech Pathology
Phone : 2502500
e-mail: goswami16@aiishmysore.in

Liaison Officer SC/ST/OBC Cell
Dr. Animesh Barman
Reader in Speech Sciences & Liaison Officer
Phone : 2502724
e-mail: animeshbarman@aiishmysore.in

Liaison Officer OBC Cell
Mr. Freddy Antony
Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Phone: 2502144
Email: Frean77@yahoo.co.in

Complaints Cell / Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Dr. M S Vasantalakshmi
Reader Bio statistics
Dept of Speech Language pathology
Phone (O): 91-0821-2502265
e-mail: msvlakshmi@yahoo.co.in

Public Grievance Officer
Dr. H. Sundara Raju
Professor, E.N.T.
Phone : 91-0821-2502242
Fax : 91-0821-2510515

Anti-plagiarism Code / Cell
Dr. C. Shijith Kumar
Library and Information Officer
Library and Information Centre
Phone (O): 91-0821-2502150
Fax: 91-0821-2510515

Ethics Committee
Prof. Mewa Singh
Prof. of Psychology
University of Mysore

Dr. Ajith Kumar U
Professor of Audiology
Ph Off : 2502586
e-mail: ajithkumar18@gmail.com
UN Convention for Rights of Person with Disability
Dr. Prithi Nair
Reader in Special Education
Ph Off : 2502565
e-mail: prithinair23@gmail.com

General Information
Mr. A.R. Keerthi
Public Information Officer
AIISH, Mysore 570 006
Phone (O): 2502120
Mobile : 9844181080

Administrative issues
Mr. Ramkumar S
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone (O): 2502120

91-0821 2502000
91-0821 2502100

INSTITUTE FAX NUMBERS: 91- 0821 - 2510515 e-Mail: director@aiishmysore.in
Working hours
Monday Friday - 9.00 AM 5.30 PM
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & All Central Govt. holidays.