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Clinical Services : Activities

i. Training    
a) Clinical training (online & offline): The Department of Clinical Services imparts clinical training to diploma, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students from AIISH for diagnosis and management of persons with speech, language and hearing disorders. The students are provided training in the assessment and management of various types of communication disorders using behavioral standardized tests and state-of-art equipments. In addition to this, their skills are also developed for preparation of teaching aids, clinical documentation of reports, preparation of intervention plans, home training programs and public education materials.

b) Clinical practicum classes (online & offline): Classes are conducted on a weekly basis for student clinicians to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This helps the department to maintain high standards of clinical competence which is focused and completed within a stipulated schedule.

c) Short term training for health care professionals: Rehabilitation of persons with communication disorders involves a team work. In this connection, short term training programs are conducted for the benefit of the persons with communication disorders and also professionals from allied areas. Orientation, guidance and demonstrations are provided to different groups of professionals such as, post graduate ENT students from medical colleges, PHC medical officers, and special educators, teachers of special and regular schools, parents/caretakers of the differently abled, nurses and grass root health workers.  
ii.    Special clinics/units    
Clinics are exclusively established with a focus on comprehensive assessment and management of persons with communication disorders. They include.
Name of the clinic /unit Scheduled day
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Unit Monday (F/N), Wednesday (F/N), Thursday (A/N) and Friday (F/N)
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Unit All days
Clinic for Adult and Elderly Persons with Language Disorders (CAEPLD) Thursday (A/N)
Dysphagia unit Tuesday (A/N) and Thursday  (F/N)
Fluency unit Friday (A/N)
Learning Disability Clinic Wednesday (A/N)
Motor Speech disorders Monday (A/N)
Phonology Clinic Tuesday (A/N)
Unit for Structural Oro-facial Anomalies Tuesday (A/N)
Voice clinic Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (A/N)

iii. Services at school setup    
  • It refers to the services offered by a speech-language pathologist (SLP) in the routine environment of the client. SLP will identify the problem faced by the child in the school (parent’s report/clinician/supervisor's referral) and prepare a list of such referrals for the next month school visit. During the visit to the school, the teacher will be orientated regarding the modifications to be incorporated to include children with communication disorders in regular class room settings
  • Counseling the caregiver regarding the type of school placement (regular/ special/vocational)
  • Follow up of discharged demonstration therapy clients/ discontinued cases from speech and language therapy through telephone conversation and counsel them on the importance of follow up
  • Counseling the caregiver/individual regarding the importance of home training and follow up during the process of discharge of the child/individual from speech and language therapy
  • Orienting the visitors about “The objectives of the department and services offered in the department” during their visit to the Dept. of Clinical Services
  • Correspondence through e-mail/ letters to the queries of the public about the services offered at AIISH
iv. Other facilities (Issue of various certificates)   
  • Issue of Evaluation reports
  • Certificates for Attendance, School Admission and Language Exemption (where applicable)

Dr. Sangeetha Mahesh 
Associate Professor and Head Department of Clinical Services    
All India Institute of Speech and Hearing    
Mysore - 570 006    
Karnataka State    
Telephone: 91-0821-2502503    
Fax: 91-0821-2510515    
Grams: speechearing    
Email: clinicalservices@aiishmysore.in, sangeethamahesh@aiishmysore.in
Working Hours: 09:00 am to 5:30 pm IST    
Working Days: Monday to Friday
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