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Certificate Course for Caregivers of Children with Developmental Disabilities (C4D2)

Certificate Course for Caregivers of Children with Developmental Disabilities (C4D2)(Recognized by RCI)
Duration of the course 14 weeks (Flexible)
Total number of Seats 20 - 25 Students / batch (belonging to the same language)
This certificate course is for caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. The salient objectives of 'Certificate Course for Caregivers of Children with Developmental Communication Disabilities' (C4DCD) related to disability management are:
  • Enlighten on or about children with disabilities
  • Enable them to become aides in child-care to existing professional services
  • Enhance competencies in day-to-day handling of children with disabilities
  • Empower on rights, privileges & sanctions existing for children with disabilities
  • Explain prevailing terminology in disability in simple and demystified formats
  • Engage on practical hands-on practices in handling children with disabilities
  • Enlarge perspectives on broad policies, programs and problems of disabled
  • Enlist supports and networking parents of children with disabilities
  • Elaborate on disability matters of immediate concern in own home settings
  • Emphasize on parent participation and involvement
  • Expose on teaching materials and aides for children with disabilities
Admission Eligibility
This program is open to all mothers who have preferably completed (SSLC) or its equivalent from any recognized board in the country. Parents or caregivers of children with disabilities will be preferred.

Course content
The course includes four modules. Out of them, modules one, three and four are compulsory for all enrolled candidates and choose any two of the available options under module two. Parents or caregivers are recommended to choose the option which best describes or relates to their own child with disability.
Slno. Module Title
1 One Introduction to Developmental Communication Disabilities
2 Two Trainees are expected to choose any TWO of the following:
  • Optional One: Mental Retardation & Developmental Delays
  • Optional Two: Learning Disabilities
  • Optional Three: Sensory Disabilities
  • Optional Four: Speech & Language Disorders
3 Three Family & Community in Developmental Communication Disabilities
4 Four Practical Work

Registration and tuition fee: Rs. 500/-
Re-registration Charges (Wherever applicable): Rs. 250/-

Successful candidates will be awarded a 'Caregiver Competence Certificate' (CCC). There is no grading or ranking system for the course. This is not a job-oriented course, nor is the completing participant expected to make any pretensions thereof. Upon completion of the course, the student is likely to become a more competent caregiver, ardent activist and meaningful mediator for the cause of disability in the country.
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