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Article 6: Right to Consumer Education

Means right to acquire knowledge and skill needed to become an informed service receiver for or on behalf of persons with disabilities, their caregivers or families throughout their lives. Ignorance of consumers, particularly the illiterate and rural service receivers, is mainly responsible for their exploitation. Appropriate forum for consumer education, enlightenment and protection of their rights is therefore mandatory to prevent such unhealthy practices in the service delivery organisation for persons with disabilities. 

Consumers must demand information and details on their rights, ongoing service activities for their own benefit or for benefit of their wards on a continual basis through group meetings, discussions, symposia, seminars, debates and declamations. There must be transparency in the practice or procedures of therapeutic planning, programming, implementation or execution of service delivery for persons with disabilities. Wherein the Institute is professedly a center for specialized manpower training, consumers must appreciate the genuineness of the efforts made by student-clinicians under the direct supervision of rehabilitation professionals. 
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