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Article 2: Right to Informed Consent

Means right to be informed on diagnostic impressions, tests or investigations conducted, participation as subjects in research, about reports on results, estimated cost of services, proposed plan or procedures of therapy/treatment, short term or longer term side-effects or implications of the treatment, prognosis, outcome, etc. 

Consumers can insist on information from the rehabilitation professionals on the final decision about their diagnosis or clinical condition, need for certain tests or investigations, treatment or therapeutic plans, time frame for their implementation, possible investment required in terms of time or money, prognosis, etc. No cash payments ought to be made without proper and authentic receipts on behalf of the institute. Any refusal to part or divulge complete information must be immediately reported. Consumers have the right to demand details on research project/s for which they or their wards are made subjects. They can also deny/refuse consent to be subject/s or participate in any research activity or demand details on approval for given projects by an Ethics committee exclusively constituted for this purpose. 
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